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Boroscilic candle holder glass art for the head hunters tv series.

Set to be filmed in Summer 2022 in the wonderful city of Eugene, Head Hunters challenges master glass artist Jonathan Killman and 5 top artists to team up and create glass blowing history.

We invite you behind the scenes and into our studio, for what promises to be a spectacular and visually captivating journey into the underground world of so-called "Degenerate glass art."

In this eye-opening series, we push some of the headiest glass artists in the scene to their absolute limits. FIve-person teams work together as they attempt to create the world's largest borosilicate art glass pieces—all in our virtual gallery. Here viewers can visit for a chance to own a piece of art history, and find resources to help them learn more about, and even enter this highly creative industry.


In May 2022, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, athlete Justin True will aim to raise $15MM by undertaking the longest triathlon in U.S. history: The True Triathlon. A 3,700 mile
physical and spiritual journey, Justin will swim 62 miles from the Bahamas to Miami, bike 3,000+ miles from there to San Diego, and run 600 miles up the coast of California, finishing the
triathlon by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. His goal in completing the triathlon is simple and powerful: to break the stigma surrounding mental health and to show others the undeniable power of speaking their truth.


The True Triathlon will serve as both and a platform for discussing mental health and a fundraising catalyst. As he undertakes each leg, well-known athletes, actors, musicians, and thought leaders will join Justin for segments, creating space to share their own stories as part of a feature-length documentary and #betruestaytrue social campaign.

african american woman on the home page of be the people website


Empowering the truth of being human in America.


Be the People is an audacious, crowdsourced art project designed to reveal the connectedness we share as humans—and how little we actually differ regardless of age, race, orientation, and gender.

The mission of Be the People is to heal us with empathy. Revealing the authentic grit, determination, and positivity of the human spirit from the far reaches of the country, it’s a collaborative and collective message of inclusivity, hope, and promise.


As we emerge from one of the most difficult times in our history, Be the People is a modern and relevant inspiration for change.

Filming begins in early 2022

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